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Sometimes, having what you dream about can make life better, but it doesn’t always make it easier. After a disastrous proposal and breakup, Gemma Wilson is finally working on accepting her true self, knowing that there is no time like the present to get her life in order. While trying to maintain her fledgling marketing business, she’s resolved to finally put herself out there, excited at being in the lesbian world for the first time. When she meets a woman at a party, she feels the magnetism that people talk about and that she’s only felt in her dreams the past few months. 

Harper Kennedy is everything a twenty-something New Yorker aspires to be, but she has her own baggage that’s holding her back in ways that not even she can acknowledge. She may be successful in the business world, but she’s never had a successful relationship, and the idea of fitting that piece into her life feels utterly insurmountable, not that she’s ever even wanted to try before. 

After a fling that would seemingly end there, the two are thrown back together, convoluting an already tricky situation for both of them and turning their worlds’ upside down. Is it possible to make it through this project in one piece, and maybe even find love along the way?


When Remy's grandmother dies, it means returning back to a town she swore she'd never revisit, forced to confront a world she'd worked hard to put behind her over the last twelve years.

She's not expecting that the first girl to ever steal her heart, the pretty, popular Fallon Lewis is still around, and to make matters worse, their paths cross at every inopportune turn. It's hard enough seeing her first love, but it's exponentially more difficult when she absolutely hates them. 

Remy's trip back has the possibility to open up doors she believed were shut long ago, but she's never planned on staying, and she definitely never planned on letting Fallon back into her life. 


If she thought being a teenager in a small town was hard, she's about to find out how much harder life is when there's no one to blame for problems but herself. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
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