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Sweat Equity - A LadyLuck Startups Romance is available today!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate that kinda thing! I'm excited to share that as of today, Sweat Equity is available to purchase through Kindle and for free to download with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

This book kicks off a three book series about friends and co-founders who develop and manage a lesbian dating app in San Francisco. There will be drama. There will be angst. There will be poorly timed communications. All the things you love to hate but that keep you coming back for more!

Sweat Equity - A LadyLuck Startups Romance

Check out the synopsis below:

Avery Simmons' life is in a rut. As the co-founder and creator of a lesbian dating app meant to help people find love, or at least a fun fling, the irony isn’t lost on her. Her girlfriend broke up with her, she can’t fit into her favorite jeans, and to top it off, she’s getting a new roommate who will be privy to her depressing pity party. Personal trainer Charlie Grant wants nothing more than a clean slate and a fresh start from her old life in New York City. One of her oldest friends offers an extra room in her San Francisco duplex, but Charlie quickly finds out that it comes at an unforeseen cost. A sullen, misanthropic storm cloud of a woman already lives there, and Charlie has to wonder if cheap rent is worth her sanity. Avery wants to hide from her feelings, and Charlie wants to run from hers. Can they both survive living together? But more than that, can they finally help one another break down their walls along the way?

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